Digital Case Study

We designed an e-commerce website and virtual discount card for Liverpool's leading local discount card, Scouse Card. The platform featured recurring subscriptions for users and a user log-in system that enabled access to their live, personalised discount card.

The Challenge

Project Scope

We discovered this project through social media, where the Owner was lamenting the prices he had been quoted by other Digital Agencies — we beat all other reputable quotes. The Scouse Card team wanted us to design a Virtual Discount Card on a website platform that was capable of taking recurring subscription payments and displaying the personalised card to users when they were logged in. The platform also had to include a business directory that was easily updatable by their team. Scouse Card left the design of the project completely in our hands and trusted us to just deliver a finished product they’d be happy with.

The Solution

Project Delivery

Scouse Card is now launched with 300+ businesses listed and hundred of happy subscribers. The final project outcome was a success. The platform allows users to pay for a subscription and then access their personalised account dashboard to manage their subscription. The Virtual Card has a moving hologram, a live date and also shows the user’s Name & ID on it - this way it could not be forged. The website design is clean and lightweight to allow fast load times, whilst the business directory is inspired by social media page design.

The Feedback


After being quoted for a website by a number of other companies, I was approached by Sean at Digital Division. At first I was a bit apprehensive as I’d not heard of the company but after a phone call from Sean, I felt it was the right company to make my website the way I wanted it and I was not disappointed. I left Sean to get on with it on his own accord and what I got back was better than I’d have hoped for. He also made it really easy for me to navigate the site and his communication was constant. Even now I send him the odd message for advice, which he answers without a problem, so the aftercare is also brilliant. I wish I had an excuse for another website just so I can ask him to take a look and use his creativeness again!

- Darren Scamp, Director

Virtual Design

The Scouse Card

The Card was designed by our in-house design team to be clean and minimal, whilst reflecting the city of Liverpool and Scouse Card branding.

The card cannot be forged by screenshot, as it has a moving hologram, shows the live date and pulls the user’s name and ID straight from the Scouse Card database. To access the discount card, a user logs in and can only see it when their subscription is active. As an added feature, we also included a Progressive Web App (PWA) meaning the user can add the card to their mobile device like a real app and open it quickly to show at the vendor’s checkout.

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